About Us

The Society of Family Lawyers was founded in 1984 by local Milwaukee attorneys Mark J. Ratke and Gregg M. Herman. Mark and Gregg formed the group at that time to create a forum for family law attorneys to meet monthly to discuss and exchange information, without the prerequisites of more formal groups, such as the requirement of meeting certain criteria and standards, formal sponsorship, and costly annual dues. The first meetings took place at the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee, with six members in attendance.

As time went on, the Society of Family Lawyers became more formal, forming a Board, filing for non‑profit tax status, and hosting speakers, such as local judges, family court commissioners and experts in various aspects of Family Law.

SOFL’s current membership has grown dramatically over the years. We currently meet for lunch at the Wisconsin Club on the third Wednesday of each month (except during the summer). Our noon meetings typically feature a quality presentation by a guest speaker on a topic of interest to family lawyers. CLE credit is granted for nearly all of those presentations.

Many esteemed family attorneys and court officials have served on SOFL’s Board over the years, including Milwaukee Family Court Commissioners, lawyers listed among the Best Lawyers in Milwaukee and in America, and board members of numerous other family law associations — both national, state and local. Over the years, many of our board members have also authored a wealth of quality articles and chapters on various aspects of family law in numerous family law publications.

SOFL remains open to all attorneys who are interested; no complicated application or sponsorship is required.  Currently, our annual membership charge is just $55, and members pay about $16 toward their lunch (if they desire lunch), whenever they attend.

To join the Society of Family Lawyers, download, print, fill in and mail  the membership form you’ll find by clicking on this link.

For more information about the Society of Family Lawyers, click on this contact us link to send us a message.