The Society of Family Lawyers meets on the third Wednesday of each month (except during the summer).  We meet at the Wisconsin Club, across the street from the Milwaukee Courthouse.  Meetings start at Noon and end by 1:30 pm and include a memorable lunch, that typically costs about $16, paid in advance with your RSVP.  Valet parking is included at no extra cost.

Once or twice a year we depart from that regular schedule for special meetings.  One of those departures usually occurs in December (the holiday party starts in the late afternoon at a good, local restaurant).  About once a year we also try to jointly sponsor a special presentation that can take an entire afternoon.  The cost of those exceptional meetings is usually more than the usual $16, but we still manage to keep the price low.  An example is our February, 2015 presentation on the Utilization of Mental Health, Counseling and Medical Records in Family Law Cases.  It lasted a full afternoon and qualified for 3½ hours of CLE credit but cost just $80, including drinks and hearty appetizers served for the 2-hour social after the presentation. Our full morning Ethics program in May, 2016 also qualified for 3½ ethics credits but cost just $49, including beverages and a light breakfast.

Here is a listing of our meetings over the past few years, together with an indication of whether the State Board of Bar Examiners has approved the presentations for CLE credit.

SOFL Meetings of 2016-2019

1/20/16 Valuation of Non-traded Stock Options & Restricted Stock 1.0
2/4/16 People Hearing Without Listening: Understanding and Presenting A Child’s Voice in the Court System. (Special ½ day program) click here for info 5.0†
3/16/16 The Role of Vocational Experts in Family Law Matters 1.0
4/21/16 Making Child Support Orders More Effective: What private practitioners should know about the support enforcement system, KIDS, income assignments, percentage orders, IV-D cases, frequent job-changers, and more. 1.0†
5/12/16 Ethical Issues for Family Lawyers in The Modern Age (Special ½ day program) 3.5‡
6/16/16 Round-Table on Family Law Resources. 1.5
9/21/16 What Family Law Practitioners Need To Know About Milwaukee Law Enforcement’s Response To Child Abductions and Custodial Interference. 1.5
10/19/16 Milwaukee Family Court Commissioners Panel. 1.0
11/16/16 The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act’s Top Ten List: How not to do it. 1.0
12/8/16 Holiday Party at ABV Social (Wauwatosa)
1/18/17 The Intersection of Immigration Law and Family Law: What you need to know. 1.0
3/1/17 Putting the Young Children and Overnights Issue to Bed (Special ½ day program starts at 12:30 pm). (click here for info) 5.0†
3/22/17 A View from the Bench: Judges Dwyer & Dorow speak about Maintenance Issues. 1.0
4/19/17 Ethics of On-Line Marketing and Update on New Rules 1.5
5/17/17 Financial Strategies for the Late-in-Life Divorce. 1.0
6/21/17 AODA & Other Co-Occurring Family Disorders 1.0
9/20/17 Co-parenting Challenges for Parents of Special Needs Children 1.5
10/18/17 Paternity 101: Everything You Need To Know To Get It Right The First Time 1.5
11/15/17 The Division of Milwaukee City & County Retirement Benefits in Divorce 1.5
12/7/17 Holiday Party (at Pizza Man on Downer Ave)
1/17/18 What Does Wisconsin’s New Neutral-Drafting Rule Mean To You? 1.5
2/21/18 Trial Practice: The Use of Audio Recordings in Court 1.0
3/21/18 Alcohol & Other Addictive Disorders & Their Impact on Families (Part 2) 1.0
4/18/18 Transitioning to and Efficiently Managing a Paperless Practice 1.0
5/16/18 The Impact of Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction on Family Law 2.0
6/20/18 Custody Studies in Milwaukee! 1.5
9/13/18 Annual Judges’ Panel (joint meeting with Foley Inns of Court) 1.0
10/17/18 New Changes to DCF-150 & Child Support (joint meeting with Foley Inns of Court) 1.0
12/5/18 Joint Holiday Party (5 pm to — at Blue’s Egg on 76th St)
1/16/19 Everything You Need To Know About Restraining Order Proceedings in Milwaukee County 1.0
2/20/19 Succession Planning for Law Firms 1.0
3/20/19 Real Estate Practice Tips & Pointers for the Family Law Practitioner 1.0
4/17/19 Milwaukee FCC Commissioner’s Panel 1.0
5/15/19 Hot Topics in Ethics 1.0
6/19/19 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act: A Focused Introduction 1.0

* To log your CLE credits with the Board of Bar Examiners, click here.

Meetings with this mark were approved for EPR (Ethics) Credit.

† Meetings with this mark were also approved for GAL Credit.

Þ Meetings with this mark are pending approval (stay tuned).

For a list of the 2013-15 terms’ meetings, click here.    For the 2015-16 term’s meetings, click here.